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About Badges

At P2PU, learning is guided by people, passion, and projects. We’ve created this Badge platform to spark feedback between Experts and Learners about their learning projects. A Badge is symbol of mastery that comes out of those conversations. Here you’ll find out how Badges work, and some resources to build your own.

Fast Facts

  • Badges are a way for Learners to get feedback on their learning projects.
  • A "learning project" is an artifact that folks make in their learning experience--it can be a book report, an Arduino project, a presentation or a poem.
  • On we have two kinds of community members: Experts and Learners.
  • An Expert is someone who can award the Badge because they have already achieved it. Only Experts can award Badges, but any Learner can give feedback on any project.
  • Badges can be shared via Twitter or embedded in any website via iframe. We encourage you to share them!
  • Our Badges do integrate with the Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure.

What it Looks Like in Action

Christine is enrolled in the Writing Wikipedia Articles course on

Her learning project is to start a Wikipedia article, improve another Wikipedia article demonstrably, and make more than 200 edits to Wikipedia.

In her course, she clicks on the "WikiSOO Burba Badge" in the left column and applies for the Badge.

enter image description here

When she submits her project, she is prompted to walk through the steps she took to accomplish the task, and to reflect a bit about what she would do differently next time. She clicks "Submit Project."

enter image description here

Peter, an Expert at the SOO Burba Badge (meaning he created it or he has been awarded it already) gets a notification that a project has been submitted and looks over Christina's project.

enter image description here

He then gives her qualitative feedback to improve her project in terms of "Kudos" "Questions" and "Concerns."

enter image description here

Since she has met the requirements to get the Badge, Christina is notified via email that she is now an Expert. The Badge now appears in her profile, and she can award the Badge to others. She can also push the Badge to her Mozilla Open Badges Backpack. Huzzah!

enter image description here

Badges and

  • It’s easy to take a Badge you create on and integrate it with your course on
  • Simply create your badge here, publish it, and copy the unique URL for the Badge that appears in the browser.
  • Then revisit your course on, click on the “Badges and Feedback” tab, and paste in the URL.
  • The Badge will appear as a content module, and you can move it around so it appears in the right spot.
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